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I am thrilled to share that I have recently delved into the fascinating world of 3D art and design. As I continue to experiment and hone my skills, I have found immense joy in participating in online competitions, where I have been able to showcase my creations and receive valuable feedback. This journey has ignited my passion for collaboration and the exchange of ideas with like-minded creatives. I am eager to connect with talented individuals and artists to collaborate on exciting projects and bring unique visions to life together. Moreover, I am also excited to offer my services and expertise to those seeking assistance in their own creative endeavors. Let's unite our talents and create something extraordinary!

Blender [C__Users_Krytan PC_Downloads_avatar me.blend] 28_01_2023 23_44_15.png
Blender Render 28_01_2023 23_34_03.png
Blender_ [C__Users_Krytan PC_Downloads_me be free.blend] 28_01_2023 23_37_58.png
Alien Marooned on Mars
The escape
Endless Engines Harry Potter theme
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